The means of communication by ZD Electrical Panels is evolving: we are pleased to present to you the new visual path which will accompany our company from now on into the future.


It regards a lively, dynamic, coloured path which reflects our company’s strengths and divides the areas clearly in which we are committed.


The choice to update or means of communication was made to offer our customers, suppliers and  everyone who revolves around ZD an image which can help them identify our values, our commitments and, obviously, our day to day work.



The new means of communication ZD


The new means of communication ZD plays with coloured curves, which are the evolution of the yellow curve, which is the iconographic symbol of the company, present in the logo, on the corporate image in the brochure and on the emblem embroidered on our personalised workwear.


The yellow line remains the point from which everything starts, since it is part of our company logo and it brings with it the symbol of lightning, synonymous with power and energy. But it also represents a connecting line of a union: a bridge which the electric panels represent between man and energy.


Besides this, the yellow curve defines the values of ZD, from the tenacity of the owner Davide Ziggiotto to the determination of the team, who bring great results of business growth year after year.


Today, this line of connection moves in different directions and, to describe them in an intuitive way, we thought about keeping the shape, changing the colour and choosing this according to the singular area of activity.


The coloured curves

zd etica ambientale curva verde

Here they are:


The green curve: dedicated to environmental sustainability, in which we are currently involved in three projects:


  • Waste Compaction, which allows us to compact the packaging material using a special machine. Compacting cardboard, in turn, reduces the volume of waste and, as a consequence, the number of transportations to dispose of it.


  • Global reforestation in collaboration with PRINT RELEAF and ZEROZEROTONER, a partnership which permits us to optimize the use of consumable goods used in printing activities and contribute towards the planting of trees around the world


  • The recycling of packaging waste: thanks to an agreement with a specialized company, which allows us to dispose of the considerable plastic packaging and transform it into reusable bags, we give value to the recycling chain and decrease our CO2 emissions in the environment.


Green has always been the symbol of nature. For this reason the green curve of Environmental Ethics is completed with the symbol of a leaf and defines the commitment of ZD towards sustainability and the protection of the natural resources of the planet.

zd lavorazioni meccaniche curva grigia

The grey curve: represents the mechanical manufacturing, and is defined by the gear, a symbol used in work environments to indicate the work of this sector but also the necessity that all departments work together in synergy so that the mechanism can work at its best.

Zd impegno sociale curva rossa

The red curve for our social commitment: red is the colour of emotions and feelings. Hence with the symbol of a heart, it defines the commitment of ZD to society, in which it is active with 3 projects:


  • The support for the association I Bambini delle Fate, a social association which, since 2005, has dealt with guaranteeing economical support to projects and programs of social inclusion which benefit families with autism and other disabilities.


  • The support for About, an Association which was born with a mission to support and promote the Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) as rehabilitative care for  people diagnosed with autism.


  • The commitment with the association Primavera 85 in favour of work integration of people with disabilities, who work in their laboratories following all the regulations in force regarding workers’ safety, performing tasks of assembly of components.

Zd scuola e risorse umane curva azzurra

The blue curve for our commitment to schools and human recourses: blue is a young colour, which matches perfectly with our consideration for the professional growth of people attending High School or who have just finished their course of study.


For this reason, the blue curve, defined by the symbol of youth with human figures, communicates the commitment of ZD to offering both opportunities of work placements and internships in collaboration with schools and also open offers of work in the company.


The new means of communication ZD has now taken shape and we are happy and proud of this, since it can now support our company, identifying it in a better way and underlining the different sectors in which we work with the power of the colours.


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