As it should be, the concept of ‘business’ has changed over the years and nowadays also involves small-scale companies, which are ready to rewrite objectives, visions, their own personal missions and company values.

Working today goes beyond the practical matters of the company, whatever that may be, and it is structured in a much broader way.

This looks obviously at results, but also considers ‘higher’ aspects, which are needed not only by the company, or by the community, but by the world at large.

A lot is owed to the introduction of the ESG standards, Environmental, Social and Governance. Once used to define investments, today they are also applied to the management itself of companies.

The fact remains that nowadays the company values are no longer just written words, but concrete facts, they are objectives which are found applied in everyday choices, which involve investments, commitments, donations and much more.

Because the company values become the basis of the work which reflect them and which have the scope of improving the everyday work operations, respecting and promoting the people and the environment.

This is why it is time to talk about company values from a new point of view, which sees them first defined with thought and then applied concretely in the everyday workplace.

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Values of a Company, Purpose and Mission

Mission, Vision and the ability to stand out generating values for everyone (purpose or reason for being) are concepts which nowadays define short, medium and long term objectives of a company.

What is meant by objectives?

They can also be called intentions, which translate into the choices which define the strategies of the product or service and which sign that which is the road to take for size to reach the results desired.

Let us see them one by one:

  • Purpose: it is the reason for being, the why, but also the will to create value contributing to the wellness of society. It is the ‘why the company was born and exists’ and the compass which must guide every business decision.
  • Vision: as its name suggests, it is where the company wants to arrive and is based on its objectives, which can have long-term views.
  • Mission: it is what the company does and the aims which it reaches to arrive at the purpose. The mission cannot be vague, it must be concrete, clear and have a fixed-term view.
  • Company Values: they can be defined as principles which define the identity of the company, which have the role of guiding it and which are independent of the market conditions and also of the external environment.

wiring of electrical panels at ZD

Our key words

To define the present, but above all the future of our company, we have decided to commit ourselves to a deep analysis, which can help us truly understand what our visions, our mission, our values and our purpose are.

The key words which define our own way are passion, sacrifice, service, quality and attention to social issues.

Our vision is made up of ideas such as:

  • We want to contribute towards creating a world where the culture of electrical safety eliminates the risk for the population and increases the quality of life. A world in which all our customers can use our products and services, so as to make ourselves known and expand our brand at a European and international level.
  • We want to be a  reference brand in the electrical panel market, where the collaboration with customers is a bridge which includes culture, safety and professionality.
  • We want to be protagonists of a market in which our brand is a model of safety.
  • We want to be a reference point for the transformation of energy for human needs, in a safe and efficient way,  educating and guiding our customers towards the satisfaction of their needs.

At an operational level, this means creating made to measure panels for customers which maintain high standards of quality and safety, where work has an active part in the planning of the manufacture and is not limited to just carrying out the instructions received.

All of this, enhancing the environment and the community which revolves around the company.

work ZD

Company values, for a better future for everyone

As we have seen, the values of a company do not only define its present, but also the future of the people who surround it.

This is why we have established five values in which we believe and that we want to pursue in our business:

  1. Passion: this is the first fundamental driving force of every daily action, and those who work in the company choose this profession for reasons which go over and beyond just the financial gain and believe in “things done well”.
  2. Sincerity: an essential element for teamwork and to be able to have and mature over time high quality  interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
  3. Trust and respect: basic company values so that the reciprocal collaboration is optimal both between those who work in the company and also towards our customers who can identify our company as a professional partner.
  4. Quality and proficiency: indispensable to be able to remain in the market, but also to be continually updated, to open up new possibilities and be recognised by our customers as solid and reliable partners.
  5. Positive approach: viewing work with positivity means finding solutions to problems and thinking that the future will always be capable of reserving new achievements in store for us, at a professional level, but surely at a personal one as well.

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