In October 2022 we achieved the Bureau Veritas Certification ISO 9001:2015 in the field of application : “Design and construction of electrical panels. Installation and maintenance of industrial electrical panels”.


The Certification of quality ISO 9001 is an international standard, or rather a series of regulations set by the International Organization for Standardization to define what the requirements are for the quality management systems which take place inside the companies.


To be more specific, the ISO 9001 is probably the most well-known and used of the quality management systems, so much so that 2.1 million companies in over 170 countries in the world are estimated to be ISO 9001 certified.


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What is the Certification ISO 9001?


It regards a certificate which has, however, a higher added value because it demonstrates that the certified company respects the quality requirements set by the relevant regulations.


It is not obligatory to get a certification, but the choice to do so demonstrates the commitment of the company towards its customers, suppliers, collaborators and everyone who revolves around the company.


It is important to consider that the ISO 9001 is surely a certification which guarantees quality, but which is also an incentive to continual improvement.


In fact, we believe that certifications are an instrument which means more than just the satisfaction of receiving them. Naturally this is present, and it is the fruits of our commitment which we put into our work every day.


The point is that every certification comes after a process of control, assessment and also alignment, which allows us to improve both from an organisational and a structural point of view.


In our day to day work, this is reflected in benefits for us and for those who work with us every day, more specifically:


  • A greater attention to quality: quality has always been the cornerstone of our work and the certification ISO 9001 helps us to communicate this even more, at the same time pushing us to keep our standards high over the course of time;


  • Greater transparency: transparency is a characteristic which we look for in our collaborators and something that we in turn commit ourselves to transmitting. The certification ISO 9001 is therefore a useful tool to do this in a simple and direct way in our communications;


  • Greater credibility: the commitment to gaining the certification ISO 9001 and keeping it over the course of time translates into a greater credibility for our customers, for our suppliers, and towards everyone who we deal with professionally;


  • Greater simplification: to simplify and optimize the organisational procedures is one of the objectives of the Certification ISO 9001, and this streamlines crucial aspects of work, for example management of time, resources and methods;


  • Greater competitiveness in new markets: the market is in continual evolution and it asks companies to show a series of parameters which have become essential to be able to work there. The certification ISO 9001 is useful because it becomes a link which allows our company to present itself at best, also while being evaluated by impartial third-parties.


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How is the certification obtained and who issues it?


The ISO 9001 must be applied for from a certifying body, which in our case is Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s leading bodies since 1828 in services of inspection, verification and certification of compliance.


What are the principles of the ISO 9001?


Basically, it regards eight management principles of quality, all considered essential for good business management.


  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Staff involvement
  4. Process approach
  5. Systemic approach to management
  6. Continual improvement
  7. Decisions based on facts
  8. Mutual beneficial relations with suppliers


Essentially, the certification ensures that the products and services offered by the company actually consider the needs of the customer and the mandatory requirements and regulations.


Furthermore, the certification ISO 9001 helps the company to measure its progress made and this fits into the perspective of continual improvement, which can now be measured thanks to a reference standard.


Finally, as we have seen, the certification helps the company to improve results in terms of organization and shows a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


To conclude, we are satisfied that we have achieved the Certification ISO 9001 and we consider it as a step which can help us to grow from an organizational and qualitative point of view and  in the overall development of our company.


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