Certifications are an instrument which means more than just the satisfaction of receiving them. Naturally this is present, and it is the fruits of our commitment which we put into our work every day.

The point is that every certification comes after a process of control, assessment and also alignment, which allows us to improve both from an organisational and a structural point of view.

We believe that there are many benefits for our customers, suppliers and all the experts who revolve around the company. More specifically:

  • A greater attention to quality: quality has always been the cornerstone of our work and certifications help us to communicate this, but also to keep our standards high over the course of time. In fact, nowadays quality cannot travel alone, since the market and its protagonists demand that it comes hand in hand with safety and sustainability. Certifications permit us to show our commitment regarding this.
  • A greater credibility: certifications are a conscious choice, which involves our company on a daily basis in different aspects. This commitment translates into credibility for our customers, for our suppliers, for every other player in the production and, above all, for ourselves.
  • Greater simplification: certifications help to simplify and optimize the organisational procedures, by streamlining crucial aspects of the everyday work more efficiently, for example timescales, methods and resources.
  • Greater transparency: the certifications which we have chosen to attain add transparency to our communication, and this aspect also reflects positively in our professional relationships of everyday.
  • Greater competitiveness in new markets: the new markets ask companies to show a series of parameters which have become essential to be able to work there. This is where certifications become a link which allows our company to present itself at best, in such that our work is evaluated and certified by impartial third-parties.

October 2022: Bureau Veritas Certification ISO 9001:2015

Field of application : design and construction of electrical panels. Installation and maintenance of industrial electrical panels.

The Quality Certification of ISO 9001 is an international standard, based on eight management principles of quality, all considered essential for good business management.

  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Staff involvement
  4. Process approach
  5. Systemic approach to management
  6. Continual improvement
  7. Decisions based on facts
  8. Mutually beneficial relations with suppliers

Certifications offer tangible benefits:

They ensure that the products and services offered by the company actually consider the needs of the customer and the mandatory requirements and regulations;

They allow the company to measure its progress and continual improvement in its market yield, using a reference standard on which to compare;

They show a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction;

They help to improve company results in terms of organization.

Certificatore Bureau Veritas: one of the world’s leading bodies since 1828 in services of inspection, verification and certification of compliance.

Certification also obtained for the year 2023.

certificazione iso 9001 ZD

Designing for Compliance in Industrial Control Panels, UL 508A (3rd Edition)

The UL 508A is a prestigious certification specific to industrial control panels concerning the markets in USA and Canada, which allows ZD to be inserted into the global UL register.

This certification permits us to operate in these target markets, because the panels are installable according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) and this offers an important competitive advantage in the market.

The certification has been obtained following a rigorous training and selection, and after passing tests and safety checks. .

These assessment processes do not end as a ‘one-off’ since the UL inspectors continue to carry out quarterly checks to maintain the certification .

This requires a constant monitoring and study of the regulations in force, to verify that ZD complies to them in such a way as to maintain the certification obtained.

  • A quality certification in safety
  • A faster access to the global market, since the UL reputation guarantees recognition and approval all over the world.
  • An increase in the perception of value of the company on the part of the national safety marks.
  • Tangible proof of the quality of the products and services offered by ZD
  • Advantages for the customers, collaborators and suppliers who can rely on a company which has obtained a prestigious certification, which is recognized and validated at a global level
  • A demonstration of quality and excellence which underlines the commitment by ZD to building a Governance whose qualitative and safety principles are at the centre of attention.

Certification body: UL

UL is an independent worldwide organisation which is a leader in safety science. Their aim, history and widely established prestige make UL a global point of reference in the field of company certifications.