Services | Assembly of electrical panels and on-board electrical systems

Our services of design and assembly of electrical panels in Verona are also extended to the national territory or at an international level.

Whatever your company’s position, we invite you to contact us with confidence for an introductory meeting.

Development of electrical panels in Verona and Vicenza

Every job begins with dialogue, and understanding what your needs are allows us to build ultra-customized electrical panels, whatever your sector.

This phase is important, because we ask you to explain the technical part, how the work is carried out, the type of machinery used and the characteristics of the building where the panels will be positioned.

Together we can understand how to carry out the everyday workings and above all how to ‘make it work’ with the alimentation and automation in such a way that it is practical, functional and safe for the workers.

The aim of the development of the electrical panels is just this: to understand every aspect of the job to supply you with what you really need and to do this in a qualitative way.

Thus you can count on electrical panels of a high performance which automate your work improving, facilitating and making it more and more practical and productive.

Design of electrical panels in Verona and Vicenza

We are by your side with the designing of electrical panels, a service available to you if you are starting from scratch and require the initial designing of the work.

This can be the case of a new company, a new factory, plant or branch or if you decide to update the existing electrical panels or industrial automation already present.

In this phase we listen to your requirements and proceed with a study of the technical feasibility, combining a check of the current legislations with maximum attention to safety.

Once we have understood your requirements, we design the diagrams of the electrical panels with CAD software of the latest generation. This offers a clear and precise representation of what the work to be carried out will be.

Moreover, in this phase we undertake to bring about every improvement possible and to advise you so that you can achieve a design functional to every one of your requests and specific usage.

The automation sector is characterized by continual innovation and because of this we propose systems of the latest generation, to evaluate together so that they can be the most useful and high-performance for your company.

In the case that you already have a design available, we are willing to proceed with the phase of assembly and wiring of the electrical panels of the designs supplied.

Assembling electrical panels in Verona and Vicenza

From the design and development phase, the actual production of the electrical panels follows, which is the heart of our business. Apart from the provinces of Verona and Vicenza, we are active in companies all over the world.

The production phase is divided into two specific parts, with the mechanical assembly and the electrical wiring, both carried out by our highly qualified technical team.

Before the electrical panels can follow on to their final destination, they are tested and put through a strict quality control with the EU Certification, which indicates that the product satisfies all applicable EU-OSHA, in other words the essential health and safety requirements from the legislations fixed by the European Union.

The inspection of the electrical panels is undertaken also under the profile of general functionality and a full-scale testing is carried out.

Once this phase is complete, the panels are ready to be put into operation and to serve your company in the best way possible, with efficiency and maximum safety for people and place.

Maintenance of Electrical Panels in Verona and Vicenza

Electrical panels may need regular maintenance, as may the on-board electrical systems.

We are at your disposal to arrange for checks and guarantee the functioning of the systems in the course of time, providing eventual repairs or improvements to certain sections.

During the design phase, we are committed to creating electrical panels and on-board electrical systems which are perfectly organised and functional to inspection and maintenance.

system, because they allow us to work on them in the future and to maintain the system at their optimal and safe conditions in the course of time.

On-board electrical systems

We work with professionalism in the production of on-board electrical systems, both with planning from zero to projects with designs already supplied.

We provide assembly, wiring and the final testing of the automation with a final check and EU Certification to offer the functionality and safety essential for any of your production needs.

For the services of development, design, assembly and electrical panel wiring in Verona and other places in Italy or around the world, we invite you to contact us in confidence by clicking here.