Investment in the ecological value of compacted waste

Recycling is one of the most important steps to reduce the consumption of resources through the use of products at the end of their life for their transformation into raw materials to be used in other production processes.

Among our Company aims is the reduction of our direct and indirect environmental impact and the introduction of compaction in the cycle of waste takes us in that direction.

The materials used for packaging, for example paper, cardboard and plastic are among the products which are more easily recyclable as long as they arrive at the appropriate industries separated correctly.

It is important to underline the ecological value of compaction. Compacting the packaging material by 10 times, performance obtained by the purchase of the vertical press Orwak, is equivalent to reducing by the same proportion the number of trips required to transport the material from our warehouse to the plant where it is recycled. Hence reducing the consumption and emissions of CO2 in addition to providing a tangible contribution to the reduction of traffic congestion and its consequences.

Apart from the importance from an ecological point of view, this system also proves economically advantageous. Every action to make the various phases of collection, storage, transport and transformation more efficient is therefore not only convenient but absolutely worth doing.

Thanks to the press, we have saved space, time, handling and transport costs and it is easy to see how the investment made has quickly been paid off.

A comparison: the traditional recycling system
and the ecological value of ZD compaction

Global Reforestation

Even though it is often essential, we all know that printing means consuming paper and pulp and so, ultimately, sacrificing trees. We asked ourselves: can we in some way find a solution, being, as we are, sensitive to the environment?

This issue mattered to us so much that we became a partner of PRINT RELEAF, a firm which is exclusively specialised in global reforestation and the Italian company ZEROZEROTONER which deals with consumable goods (toner, ink cartridges, ribbons, reels etc) permitting professionals, companies and public organisations to optimize their respective printing activities, to respect the environment and offload their responsibilities in the management of this type of waste.

Effectively, we will plant a tree for every EcoBox which is collected doing our small part for Global reforestation.