Industrial electrical panels and consumption : it is a hot topic, since the high energy costs probably represent the most heartfelt problems for families and companies in 2022.

The data, at the moment of writing this article, are still evolving, but to give an overall picture of the energy price rises, we can centre on the quarterly analysis the the Osservatorio Confcommercio Energia has drawn up with Nomisma Energia (here is the research link).

To summarize, the price of energy for companies is increasing nonstop : just for the tertiary sector from January to April 2022 there was an average increase of 61%, while the price of gas increased by 21%.

On an annual basis, the yearly increases in electricity and gas in this sector have reached a range from +110% to +140%.

Craftsmanship and manufacturing are naturally in the same condition.

In this context, it is essential to save energy both internally in the company and in the options which we propose our own customers.

Internally, it is possible to follow good energy practices which, as reported on the ImprendiGreen di Confcommercio site, can both help to save but also ease the dependency on international energy sources.

The next step is to come up with, design and propose solutions which through the connection between industrial electric panels and energy consumption can help businesses to save energy.


progettazione dei quadri elettrici briefing


The choices of ZD for energy consumption.

A choice regarding everything which allows us to work with a vision which generates a saving of energy for those who use our products.

It regards the introduction of the inverter to move a motor instead of the classic electromechanical method, which brought about spurts in the start-up of the motor which were more costly in energy consumption.

The inverter removes these last problems and optimizes the characteristics of the motor hence decreasing consumption but with equal power.


abbigliamento ricamato ZD

Industrial electrical panels and consumption: reliability for a lasting system

Another commitment of ZD is that of  using high quality components, a characteristic which translates into reliability.

Reliability brings with it a long lifespan of the industrial electrical panels, a feature which translates for those who work with electrical panels during their everyday work both in safety and in the knowledge of having a long-lasting system at their disposal.

And a long-lasting system is a system which limits costs in the present and in the future.

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