With great pleasure and satisfaction we would like to announce that we have obtained the prestigious:

industrial control panels
UL 508A | nr. E535619

It consists of a specific certification for industrial control panels, granted by UL, a global organisation operating for over 100 years, independent, historically established and with recognised prestige all over the world.

UL certification

Obtaining the UL mark means that the company has tested samples representative of our products, evaluating them compliant with the standards or other requirements with regard to their potential risks (fire, electric shock and mechanical hazards)

This demonstrates the continuing compliance by the manufacturer to the safety regulations enforceable in the countries of reference, in this case the United States and Canada.

The UL mark is widely recognized both by companies and consumers and this allows us to be able to widen our market prospects, also because the certification brings with it the membership to an international register.

In this register the businesses and professionals who look for services of the highest UL certified quality can therefore find our company and this offers an important competitive advantage, above all with a view to company consolidation and expansion.

In its official  portal, UL underlines that its certifications are more than just simple trademarks, but symbols of trust and safety which are universally recognized.

In other words, in the target market, this trademark offers companies and consumers tangible evidence of the commitment by ZD to safety and customer satisfaction.

quadro elettrico industriale -organizzazione aziendale ZD quadri elettrici

Advantages of the UL certification

Since the beginning, in ZD, we have believed that certifications are an investment, both in terms of the present and of the future.

The commitment in obtaining a certification and the consistency in maintaining it are, in fact, forces which, as well as showing the quality of our work, lead us to ‘do better’ every day.

In a competitive market like the current one, it is important to stand out and we believe that it is good to do this through the value of the work and the choice of communicating this through certifications of high prestige.

Having obtained this certification allows us to:

  • Have a faster and more favourable access to the global market, thanks to the optimal reputation of the certifying organisation.
  • Show certified safety of the work, since the processes of UL certification are severe and rigorous.
  • Communicate the value of the company through means which are objectively transparent, like certifications.
  • Offer the customer, collaborator and suppliers the autonomous and objective evidence of the quality and safety requirements of our company.
  • Build a company Governance which looks to the consolidation of results achieved and which opens up to new important opportunities of development.

As we have seen, the certification allows us to be member of an international register, where the large firms can find ZD and evaluate  its presence positively, with a view to future collaborations.

Furthermore, it is important to consider that the UL certification is not just a ‘one-off’, but follows quarterly rigorous testing by the inspection staff of the firm.

This brings us to analyse, study and understand the various legislations, so as to be able to maintain the certification status of the company over the course of time.

cosa sono i lavori di cablaggio

The UL 508A

At a global level, the development of industrial machinery and automated systems is leading to an increasing demand for industrial control panels.

In this context the UL 508A is inserted, a certification which covers multiple requirements,

such as the correct use of components, the environmental classification of the casing, the protection of the wiring and of the motor, the security marks and the conformity to the National Electric Code® (NEC) and to the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

The history of UL

Global leader in safety science, UL Solutions helps companies to show safety, improve sustainability, increase safety, supply quality, manage risks and obtain regulatory compliance.

The organisation underlines that its mission is to work for a safer world, hence promoting living and work environments which are protected and sustainable for people through the application of science and safety engineering based on risks and the power of data.

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