Students who are studying at high school can find it difficult to understand what working in a company is like.

It is normal for it to be like this, given that they are still in a phase where logic, objectives and projects that are behind a profession, are still just concepts.

How can we help them, then, to understand best how a company ‘works’?

How can we enable them to have a clearer and more complete idea about the world of work  which they must attain?

We tried to reply to these questions in a practical way, with an event which gave us a lot of satisfaction and which, we hope, helped the students to have a more complete idea about working.. and not only.

The Outdoor Lessons project


On Tuesday 23rd March the Outdoor Lessons project got underway, in collaboration with the Technical College ITIS Alessandro Rossi of Vicenza, arranged by the evening course teachers.

Everything kicked off with a welcome aperitif and the evening continued with the lesson “the productive cycle of the electrical panel”

This was followed by a further lesson “ The crimping of electric cables: tools and components” and the event concluded with a discussion dedicated to the CE certification tests.

To join the theory with practice and hence show the ‘doing’ or rather how the work in a company is carried out, touching with their hands the components of the electrical panels and the tools which are needed to make them.

We believe that these occasions are useful for the students, because they can finally see for themselves something which obviously, they have studied in their books and is taught to them, but at that moment is still in their imagination.

With this meeting, the expertise of the teachers joined the practical to be able to understand what happens in reality when an electrical panel is manufactured.

We believe that this approach has been interesting for the students, who confirmed themselves to be enthusiastic, pleasantly impressed by the company, which they defined well organised, innovative and attentive to environmental issues and not only to technological ones.

In other words, a place in which you feel good.

We are happy about this and thank the student of IT IS A. Rossi for their collaboration.



A gadget to remember the event

Every good thing should be remembered, so for this occasion we thought of creating a ‘green’ gadget to leave for the students and teachers.

It consists of a cardboard kit with a die-cut core suitable to contain a desk smartphone holder, made in a limited edition of 30 pieces, with the help of a brand specialized in highly personalised small quantities.

The material is Havana MDF, printed with our corporate image.

This is our story of the Outdoor Lesson, an event which gave us a lot of satisfaction, because it allowed us to unite the educational world with the professional one.

Furthermore, it was carried out how we believe it should be done: with a practical meeting, where the students could watch, speak, interact and finally touch the world of work with their hands.

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