The organisation of work is crucial in the manufacture of an industrial electrical panel so that it guarantees the quality and reliability of the work done, but not only…


The organisational aspect can, sometimes, be taken for granted, but far from it, because organising work well in the manufacture of an industrial electrical panel is fundamental to guarantee not only the high quality of the product, but also:


  • safety of the work place
  • respect of the delivery time agreed
  • the continuity of production
  • much else besides

industrial electrical panel manufacture

For this reason, we have developed efficient working methods, which allow us to work with:


  • higher efficiency : the manufacture of an industrial electrical panel requires different skills which are applied in the different phases of manufacture
    (progettazione, assemblaggio, cablaggio).


A working methodology which is well structured results in a final product of higher quality, avoiding margins of error to the maximum and respecting the delivery times agreed for the delivery of the orders.


  • Higher safety : organising the work well allows us to guarantee a safer work environment, where every worker knows their responsibilities and where every division works in an efficient way.


We can talk about a real and true ‘mechanism’ where every aspect is joined to another, allowing the system of manufacturing industrial electrical panels to work at its best.



The Certification ISO 9001


In October 2022 we achieved the Bureau Veritas Certification ISO 9001:2015 in the field of application : “Design and construction of electrical panels. Installation and maintenance of industrial electrical panels.


It concerns an international standard for the quality management systems which outlines a framework for the management of company operations.


Benefits of the Certification ISO 9001 include:


    1. Improvement in quality: the Certification ISO 9001 helps companies to identify and resolve problems of quality, improving this in their products and the services they offer.
    2. Greater competitiveness: certified companies can have a competitive advantage over those not certified, since they show they can conform to the requisites of quality established  by the standard.
    3. Greater efficiency : the Certification ISO 9001 can help companies to optimize its operations and to reduce its costs, improving company efficiency.
    4. More favourable access to markets: the Certification ISO 9001 can help companies to access new markets, both national and international.
    5. Greater control of operations: the Certification ISO 9001 allows companies to have a greater control of their operations, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, to increase their performance.

In general, the certificazione ISO 9001 helps us to achieve our objectives which are more and more strategic, through a higher attention to quality and to efficiency of our operations.


kanban Zd electrical panel

The Kanban method


The Kanban is a method of managing projects which has spread, above all in the field of productive activities.


Its name comes from the Japanese word “kanban  (literally meaning “visual card”), and is based originally on the use of a board divided into columns which indicate the current state of various jobs.


The Kanban was originally developed for the management of production in factories, but in recent years has been adopted in many other areas.


In general, the method consists of identifying the jobs to carry out, and divide them into different phases (for example “to do”, “work in progress” and “completed”). The jobs are then represented on a Kanban board, using post-its or coloured cards, and moved from one column to another progressively as the tasks get completed.


The Kanban has many advantages respect to other methods of project management. First of all, it enables a clear vision at all times of the actual state of a project, and the quick identification of eventual problems or delays.


Furthermore, being visual, it is easy for all the workers to understand the workflow and understand how to contribute to the project.


What is more, the Kanban encourages a “Pull” management production system, that is one which enables work only on tasks which are actually necessary, avoiding the accumulation of excess workload.


For all these good reasons we have chosen to adopt the Kanban system in some areas of  our work.

business organization creation of industrial electrical panels


Organization generates quality 


A well organised business is one which has a clear structure, an efficient resource management and a strong company culture.


    1. Clear and functional structure: there are responsibilities which are well defined; also well-defined and documented roles and processes. There are also efficient channels of communication and a clear decision hierarchy.
    2. Efficient resource management: the company uses its resources in an efficient way, both human and financial, to reach its objectives. That includes planning, managing human resources, cost management and project management.
    3. Strong company culture: there are shared values and a strong cohesion between company employees. There is also a clear vision and company mission and strong motivation to reach the company objectives.


In general, a well organised company is a company able to manage its resources efficiently to reach its strategic objectives, keeping a  high quality in its operations and its own products and services.


The industrial electrical panel, that is the product itself, is the fruit of a series of clear, defined processes which are at the basis of the everyday operations at ZD.


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