The knowledge of a company passes through its operational departments and today we begin to discover them, concentrating firstly on the assembly of electrical panels division, one of the main operations of ZD di Ziggiotto Davide.

This in-depth analysis can also be interesting for those who want to discover how this type of work is carried out because they are looking for work after their studies or someone who is looking to change job (here are ZD job offers for electrical panel assemblers)Assembly of electrical panels

To understand the assembly department, we should analyse the electrical panel components, at least the main ones which they are made up of.

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Assembly of electrical panels

Our company produces made-to-measure electrical panels for our customers, hence every project is ultra-customized. Each project is carried out in collaboration with the client to be able to satisfy every practical and operative requirement at best.

Here is where the assembly of electrical panels department reflects these requests with high-quality materials and with the performance of trained and qualified professionals aware that the electrical panel is the bridge between energy and man.

Professionals who know the workings of the electrical panel, in other words who guarantee functionality, control, simplicity of management but also safety and maximum protection for the company and the workers who will use them.

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The main components of an electrical panel

The electrical panel is made up mainly of containers, which as its name suggests, will contain different components inside.

The container can be wall-mounted, built-in or free-standing, but it can also be designed, and hence assembled, to find a position inside the property or outside.

Then there are the supports, which are metal devices usually of a standard size, positioned inside the panel and essential for installing the different components of the electrical panel.

Here we find the switches located, which are used to connect or disconnect the electrical panel.

These are the basics of the simplest electrical panels. It is also important to underline that essentially there are three types of electrical panel: distribution electrical panels; automation electrical panels and on-board machine electrical panels.

As far as automation electrical panels are concerned, they are systems which can contain (other than the protection and operational devices) also command, warning and control appliances, plus a series of other devices which make them more sophisticated and suitable to meet the technical requirements of the company which will use them.

The on-board machine electrical panels (according to what is stated in the IEC 60204 regulation) are the installations positioned ‘downstream’ from the point of the delivery of energy which will power a specific machinery.

The switches in electrical panels

Returning to the assembly of the electrical panels, this procedure obviously includes the insertion of switches.

The compartment of the switches has become increasingly more sophisticated and nowadays allows more specific control, also remotely.

The assembly of the electrical panels therefore includes the main switch, which can come directly from the electric meter of the mains electricity supplier or from an internal source.

The main switch is usually differential, in that it is able to deal with abnormal situations dispersing the energy to the ground if need be (circuit breaker).

The assembly of the electrical panels therefore includes the switches which allow the disconnection of single sections of the system, which are usually defined as disconnectors.

It consists of thermal-magnetic switches, able to interrupt the flow of electricity autonomously if abnormal phenomenon occur.

This is just some information about the assembly of electrical panels and their configuration, which can be extremely sophisticated based on the customers’ order.

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The strongpoint of ZD di Ziggiotto Davide?

The assembly department has always had all types of mechanical fixings at its disposal as well as automatic equipment to satisfy any of our customers’ needs.

This characteristic joins the optimal organisation of the assembly department, the orderliness present in the premises and our work system, which allows us to work towards the assembly of electrical panels which is sophisticated, precise and punctual for every order.

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