The scarcity of raw materials is a problem which is affecting all artisan and industrial sectors of the country, including the one in which our company operates.

The article from Assindustria Venetocentro, from a few weeks ago reports how steel, copper, aluminium, electrical components, microchip and energy supplies are suffering from an important shortage in supply..

ccording to what Assindustria has observed through interviewing 557 companies from Veneto, 85% declared having big difficulties with their supplies, caused by the scarce availability of material and components on the market.

This scene is unfortunately causing a delay in deliveries, if not real blockages in production, often due to so-called ‘bottlenecks’ in supply which take place along the production line (upstream) and the supply chain.

warehouse Zd

A warehouse stocked with components of high quality.

Un magazzino fornito per fronteggiare la scarsità di materie prime

To face the scarcity of raw materials, we have decided to replenish the warehouse and increase stock, taking advantage of similar materials but of the same level of quality.

This choice guarantees the continuity of the company, allows us to respect agreed deliveries and to start new production and orders.

In an unusual era like that in which we are living, this choice ensures equal quality to customers, orders respected and carried out and thus a working continuity also for our customers’ companies.

personalised delivery

Personalised delivery according to the necessities of our customers

Personalised delivery service

To organise our work in the best way possible, we have also set up a system of personalised delivery according to the necessities of our customers.

The service can prolong over the ‘accepted’ office hours, because we recognize the needs of businesses and we try to compromise with collaborative solutions.

This service forms part of the personalised service which we offer companies who request our products and services and at the same time ensures punctual and personalised deliveries, based on needs and availability.

Photographic traceability of the product

A further service, which stands out in the national overview, is the supply of photographic material attached to the product and its workings.

It concerns a real life archive of the work carried out, which photographs the different passages, so the user can get to know the product and its characteristics in detail.

Photographic traceability also allows us to know and identify the position of each single element, so there is a complete picture which is always consultable when necessary.

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