The designs of the industrial electric panels are the starting point for the job, because they form part of the initial phase of the planning. In this case the design for the electric panels can be provided by the customer, or we can proceed with in-company design, responsibility of our team who deal with the internal planning. Every phase of the manufacture of the panels is important and delicate, but the definition in the design can be interpreted as the backbone of the project, that on which the successive phases will be based on – those of assembly, wiring, activation and maintenance of the panels.

progettazione dei quadri elettrici briefing

Before the design, the agreement with the customer

The definition in the design of the electric panel is obviously established previously with the customer, who explains what the needs are with regard to production processes or automation of the machines operating on the site. During this phase we collect the documentation, exchange ideas and establish the design of the electric panels both in terms of the requests and of the factors which can be brought about to improve the work and the performance of the panels in the customer’s company. In this phase the ZD professionals together with those from the customer company are involved, since the drawing up of the electric designs must necessarily take into consideration the aims that the panel must reach, including the factors linked to safety.

Planning the designs of electric panels

The planning of the designs of industrial electric panels requires a deep knowledge of industrial automation and of plant engineering, which is paired with knowledge of the software used for the drawing up of the electric designs. We at ZD have always used the latest generation graphic software for the drawing up of the design of industrial electric panels, a choice which allows us to define every detail in the work and also facilitate the successive phases of the project.

progettazione degli schemi dei quadri elettrici industriali

What do the designs of the electric panels contain?

As we have seen in this article, the electric panel is distinguished mainly by two sections. The first is the enclosure, standardly called the casing (which supports and protects the components it contains) and then the electrical components. The electrical components consist of the fixtures, the internal connections and the entrance and exit terminals for the connection to the system.

The design of the electric panel essentially puts down on paper the structure of the panel, drawing it in such a way that every operator can proceed with the ‘physical’ manufacture of the project following the indications.

reparto assemblaggio quadri elettrici

The design of the electric panels and the organic development of the project

The plan of the electric panel is, therefore, a fully-fledged document, which contains all the information useful for the assemblers and wirers which will carry it out. Usually, the documentation includes:

  • The technical report: this regards a written document which explains the diagram and adds useful information for the customer, also for the subsequent maintenance of the panels.
  • The electrical diagram, either ours or that of the customer: this regards the actual schematic drawing of each component of the electric panel and of the connections which are inside it.

In the case of the designs of the industrial electric panels supplied by the customer, we always carry out a complete check, a service which brings the planning phase into alignment and then proceed safely with the subsequent phases of assembly and wiring.

archivio fotografico quadri elettrici

The documentation supplied to the customer and the photographic report

The documentation of the electric panels is obviously supplied to the customer and it contains the report and the diagrams of the industrial electric panels. To make it more complete and thorough, we also add photographic reporting of the projects. Thanks to the photographic evidence, customers can indeed identify the components of the panel quickly, define their function and get to know every single section in detail.

We have seen over the years that this service is appreciated, since it makes it possible to find and consult the necessary information in a quick, reliable way

Undoubtedly, the supply of the photographic images completes the design of the electric panels and the report, offering a collection of documents which allow the customer to work with safety and knowledge in the work of everyday life. We are in a position to make electric panels personalized for any of our customers’ needs and, if you are also looking for a solid and professional point of reference, we invite you to contact us here.