The design of electric panels is the working phase which allows us to ‘give birth’ to the design on paper, or better, on the computer monitor since nowadays the design is done with sophisticated professional software.

It is done following an agreement with the customer, or rather a meeting which permits us to understand what requirements are to be fulfilled by the machine automation or production processes.

The first phase features the collection of documentation, the exchange of ideas and the understanding of the aims which are needed to be achieved, firstly with the design and subsequently with the manufacture of the electric panels.

In this phase professionals are involved who have worked in this sector for years, and who can count on experience achieved in this field, both in the design phase and in the execution of the work.

The more technical part joins, in this phase, that which is more strategic, which considers not only the objectives but also the daily use of the panels in their working environment.

This is why the design of electric panels is a fascinating phase which determines every single aspect of the piece which will be accomplished and sees us engaged in a productive exchange of opinions, ideas, suggestions and advice so that the panels can truly become the bridge between man and energy which permits the customers’ businesses to work at their best.

We come now to the project of the electric panel, which can be considered an actual document which contains all the useful information for the assemblers and wirers who will go on to fulfil it.

Usually, the documentation includes:

  • The technical report
  • The circuit diagram, either ours or that of the customer


progettazione dei quadri elettrici


Design of electric panels: the organic development of the project

Following on from the initial agreements, the organic development of the electric panel project takes place.

Once the charge present in the project has been defined, the components which are best suitable for the case are determined.

These are just some of the notions on the design of industrial electric panels, since it is worth considering that every company is unique, as are their needs and requirements.

For this reason, the design of electric panels must consider, for example, particular requirements like the request for systems which never stop, not even in the case of a power cut (which requires the organisation of specially designed calibrated generators), or the design of electric panels positioned in places which work with potentially explosive materials and which therefore require the use of special safety measures.


progettazione quadri elettrici industriali


An internal, personalised design.

ZD has always worked with the service of design of electric panels inside the company, so as to follow the customer in every single operational phase.

The internal design is carried out with certified, advanced equipment which is updated regularly.

This allows us to offer the customer a complete product, or rather one which is thought out, designed and carried out in one place, guaranteeing a punctual service of maintenance and after sales.

The technicians who work in this sector are highly trained and thanks to an internal dialogue and the collaboration between the different departments of the company, the implementation of the project proceeds in a smooth, controlled way.

Indeed following on from the design, the assembly of the electric panel proceeds and then the subsequent wiring; phases which are considered the ‘heart’ of the real manufacture of the work.

The assembly department provides the real and proper construction of the electric panel and ZD boasts all types of mechanical installations and automatic equipment to satisfy any needs required by the customer, while in the wiring phase the various conductors are connected to the devices in such a way as to guarantee the transmission of electricity and as a consequence the correct working of the electric panel.

ZD is able to manufacture personalised electric panels for every customers’ needs and if you are also looking for a solid, professional point of reference, we invite you to contact us here.