What defines quality in electric panels? 

We have worked in this sector for many years and we believe that quality in electric panels is the result of many factors, which put together allow our customers to be able to count on products which are of high quality, high performance and able to last the course of time.

Peter Druker, a management specialist, said that in a service or product quality is not what is put inside, but that which the customer gets out of it.

Our idea of quality of electric panels embraces this concept, because it is made up of a combination of competences, choices and of attention, which allows us to offer a product which ‘serves’ the customer, where serve means to be useful and help to carry out every day work in a better way.

Moreover, electric panels are the bridge between man and energy, they are that which allows the business to work and prosper, hence it is necessary that the ‘product’ works well, that it is safe, durable and high-performing.

As well as the competences, the raw materials and the specific organisation of the work, there are other factors which contribute notably to generate the quality of electric panels.

We can define them as a sort of ‘embroidery’ or intricate work, like the choices which allow us to make the work of electric panels more and more reliable, precise and well-defined.

These factors have a different nature, but one common goal: to generate quality for the customers but at the same time create a stimulating environment for the team, where everything is linked to attention to the environment and to sustainability which have always been among the pillars of ZD.


abbigliamento ricamato ZD


#1 Electric panels: the quality is in the detail, even more if it is personalised

We have chosen to adopt personalised workwear.

This choice has a double value for us, because it allows us to work comfortably and safely but also to build a strong identity inside our team.

The embroidery which is found on the t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and coats reflect the attention to detail which we want to show in our work, tailored to measure like the needs of our customers.


Zd Ziggiotto Davide formazione personale

#2 The quality of electric panels is in the value of the team

The world of work has always been evolving, the experts in work management affirm that there has been more technological progress in the last 16 years than in the 100 years previously.

There is one thing which doesn’t change in determining the quality of the electric panels, as any other product or service, and that’s the human role.

Our recruitment of personnel is directed above all to our youth, young people who have just left school and who want to start a career path in our business.

Our team has recently been enriched by two people, one of whom is over 50 who is ready and willing to get involved.

This allows us to grow and respond more and more promptly to the requests of our customers and a market where technology counts, but the human role is and will always be at the centre of the quality of our work.


Gestione personalizzata dei progetti quadri elettrici

#3 Personalised electric panels: a tried and tested work-thread​​

  • Listen
  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical testing
  • Test-control-certification
  • Delivery

These are the phases in which we fulfil our projects.

This proceeds with a tested workflow, which allows us to follow and carry out every phase with maximum attention to detail, for planned and definite projects.

We can imagine it like a thread which regulates our work, but also as a thread of quality, a common denominator which allows us to define, or rather ‘tailor’ the products to the needs of our customers.


archivio fotografico quadri elettrici

#4 Electric panels personalised with images, so as never to lose the thread

A qualitative product is a product which is precise in its performance and well documented in its parts.

For this reason, we offer our customers the service of the supply of images, which enable them to identify the components, determine the functioning of the electric panels and get to know each section in detail.

We have seen over the years that this service is appreciated, since it makes it possible not to lose the thread, and to have a reservoir of information to dip into when necessary.

This also makes up part of the idea of ‘tailoring’ to which we retain and which defines the quality of electric panels in its final phase, when our customers start to use them in their everyday work.


riforestazione planetaria


#5 Global reforestation : quality through the environment.

Although it is often essential, everyone knows that printing means using paper and pulp and hence, ultimately, sacrificing trees.

We asked ourselves: can we find a solution somehow?

The issue was close to our heart and so we became a partner of Print Relief, a company which specialises exclusively in global reforestation and ZeroZeroToner which deals with consumable goods (toner, ink cartridges, ribbons, reels etc)

The aim? To permit professionals, companies and public organisations to optimize their respective printing activities, thus contributing to the respect of the environment

Effectively, we will plant a tree for every EcoBox which is collected doing our small part for Global Reforestation.

This is also quality.

It is a sort of green thread, which is becoming more and more solid in the company, because it engages our work, also in the administrative areas.

And this is also linked to sustainability, or rather point 6 which is found below.


compattazione dei cartoni

#6 Quality is in sustainability.

To produce 1 ton of paper, 15 thousand trees are needed, over 400 thousand litres or water and 7,600 kWh of electricity.

To produce the same quantity of recycled paper, 1,800 lites of water and 2,700 kWk of electricity are enough.

This is only a simple example of the benefits that the recycling economy can bring to the environment and the public.

The focus is moving towards the Esg principals, which are Environmental, Social and Governance.

Nowadays these principals are followed by more and more companies, but also involve the final consumers, who have become more and more aware in their consumer choices.

Compacted waste fits into this context and acquires a double value.

Because this helps to improve company performance, and works in as a sign of respect and safeguarding of resources.

Apart from compacting waste, together with companies specialised in recycling production waste, we are in the process of implementing the collection of packaging waste which has, until now, been destined to simple waste disposal and is now being transformed into plastic bags which will be used all over Europe. Thanks to our environmental ethics, in this way we add another improvement which will benefit the environment and public.

It concerns good news which we will talk about in upcoming articles.

Because the quality of electric panels involves sustainability and the work of today, to protect the planet and all its inhabitants for tomorrow.i.

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