It is said that if you all dream together, reality begins.

Here at ZD we agree, because only together can big things be created and made sure that the world is a better place for everyone.

For this reason we have decided to support two associations which work in Italy with invaluable projects, “i Bambini delle Fate” “Abaut”.

impegno sociale - i bambini delle fate


i bambini delle fate logo

ZD and “i Bambini delle Fate”


i Bambini delle Fate (written with a small i:)) – translated as “the Children of the Fairies” is a social association which, since 2005, has followed the mission of guaranteeing economical support to projects of social inclusion dedicated to families with autism and other difficulties.

There are over 800 Italian companies which, over the course of the years, have decided to become involved with this social association, with a real and proper agreement of social commitment,

This support translates into important projects, more than 100 until now, which have helped more than 3,800 families all over Italy.

The mission of i Bambini delle Fate

The mission of i Bambini delle Fate is realized by helping children and people with autism, which occurs through fundraising activities of an innovative nature, organised by groups of sponsors active all over Italy.

In its communication channels, the social association underlines a very important thing, which is that “Without denying or minimizing the weight of the challenges and the everyday struggles”, it is fundamental to share “with a smile on their face” the potential of the babies and children and the great strength of their families.

We couldn’t agree more.


logo abaut

ZD with Abaut


In addition to i Bambini delle Fate we have chosen to give our support to Abaut, an association from Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza) formed by parents and professionals, which was born with a mission to support and promote the Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) as rehabilitative care for people diagnosed with autism.

Abaut works with the project ‘Paletta e Secchiello’ or ‘Bucket and Spade’ which was born from an analysis in the province of Vicenza from which it emerged that there was a lack of resources in the rehabilitation of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders or on the autism spectrum.

Families need support and from what was reported by the association, they are forced to turn to the private sector to obtain alternative solutions to these matters, an option with costs which a lot of families cannot afford.

Here is where Abaut intervenes, with the “ABA Project for autism” as part of the group “Paletta e Secchiello…” with its services.


What is ABA?

This is explained by Abaut on its website: it is the science which applies the principals of Behavioural Analysis to modify socially significant human behaviour.

In practice, it is a method of intervention based on valid behavioural laws, which make communication, linguistic and social skills easier for people with autism.

This method has proved to be effective and the professionals who use it apply it rigorously and monitor the results obtained over the course of time.

The association has a project of social inclusion which is achieved with the offer of information on an individualised path of education based on ABA and with the support of information to families with children who have received the diagnosis of autism or pervasive developmental disorder.

Abaut does a lot more, including spreading the knowledge about autism and other pervasive developmental disorders so as to raise awareness in society of these subjects and it organises educational events in answer to the increasing request, by the parents of children diagnosed with Autism, for highly specialised training in the field of the ABA.

The commitment extends, finally, to the promotion and support of projects in favour of educational measures supported by scientific research.

Support is fundamental, much more today in a world which moves fast and where people who are more fragile need help and the presence of others.

For this reason we have chosen to support i Bambini delle Fate and Abaut, two associations which work and give concrete help and support to children and adults with disabilities and their families.