A few weeks ago we sent a special request to the Town Hall of Montebello Vicentino, but one in which we cared a lot about as a Company and as professionals.

It all started from the idea of territory, one which has always been present for us, because our own family has its roots in Montebello and we believe in the value of help and social support.

For this reason we asked the Town Hall of Montebello Vicentino if we could install external flagpoles, with flags showing our Company Logo, the Italian flag and the Town Coats of Arms.

We presented ourselves as a local company which believes in work based on experience and on the continual choice to innovate to offer our customers the best possible service.

As professionals who believe in honesty and in the value of the promised word, because only with a mutual relationship of exchange and trust can great work arise.

As citizens and as businessmen, with a view to constant company evolution and with the intent to grow, enhancing both our current and future collaborators, who wish to define our own company with important, immediately recognisable symbols.

Hence, we asked if we could place the Town Coats of Arms beside our company logo, symbol of belonging to the territory and to the Town.

The reply was immediate and the result is visible in the image of this article or live when you come to visit our company.

For this reason, we would like to thank the Town Hall of Montello Vicentino for their authorization.

Bandiere sede Ziggiotto Davide comune di Montebello Vicentino

Why 3 flags in front of the head office of ZD di Ziggioto Davide?

The flag is an important symbol, as well as a charismatic object, which flutters in the wind and has always helped people to get their bearings.

We thought about installing 3 flagpoles with flags outside the head office in Montebello, given their strong symbolism: to communicate the living and ‘lively’ presence of the company.

Certainly, the structure is needed and has been fixed, with its letters and colours, but it consists of a static support, when we were looking for something lively, which could immediately reflect the energy of the company.

Hence 3 flags of large dimensions were created, which we chose in a vertical form, being less attributable to the classic ‘flag shape’ of every single country.

Moreover, the proximity of the three white vertical flags has allowed us to give prominence to the identity of ZD di Ziggiotto Davide, through a dynamic representation of the Company emblem, aimed at emphasizing the “yellow curve”, synonymous with quality and a thorough management of our projects.

Comune di Montebello Vicentino stemma bandiere

Our logo is then linked to the ‘horizontal lines’ of the Italian flag ‘tricolore’, symbol of our country, whilst the possibility of adding the Coat of Arms of the Montebello Vicentino Town Hall underlines our belonging to the territory and its community.

This symbolism also reflects our continuing search to maintain a high level of attention towards our customers and pushes us to select qualified personnel from schools, with the aim of representing a good job opportunity for the youth of Montebello Vicentino, as you can read here.

As was the spirit of the whole Ziggioto family, bonded to the town and its inhabitants, today the ZD Company reiterates its presence and its ties to the territory with its everyday work, which as from today can also count on its flags blown by the wind, ready to define and decorate our head office in a better way.