The manufacture of industrial electrical panels has some processes which are done manually and which warrant being assisted by the best machinery available.


This allows us to optimize processes and, above all, to guarantee the quality of every single element which will go on to create the panel as a whole.


Today the sector has evolved and, as a company, we believe that it is important to invest in the adoption of machinery which facilitates the manufacture of industrial electrical panels and improves the whole value-added chain.


This choice, in fact, supports the workers and the processes, taking advantage of latest generation technologies which also permit the collection of important data to improve the efficiency and productivity day after day.


The punching


Today we want to talk about the punching, a technique which allows us to model the metal in personalised shapes and which, thanks to the CNC system, allows the activation of an automation which is more and more refined in its methods and details.


Punching is carried out with a punching machine.


Essentially, it deals with a process of cutting, in which the metal sheet is cut in one single moment.


The numerically controlled punching machines are activated by pre-set commands and this allows us to both facilitate our work and to insert structured data, programming the production in a precise way and monitoring the whole process.


To improve the manufacture of industrial electrical panels, we have decided to equip ourselves with CNC punching machine.


We believe in the technology evolution, which is the main way to modernize the company, guaranteeing quality in production and improving the final result in a remarkable way.



Machinery for the manufacture of industrial electrical panels : the spot welder 


The phase of welding is crucial in the manufacture of industrial electrical panels, as in all procedures which involve the use of metals.


For this reason, we have decided to equip ourselves with the spot welder, a welder fitted out with a microprocessor controller able to apply threaded pins to painted panels without leaving any sign of welding.


The spot welder has a patented charging circuit, which enables you to make high welding sequences during the continuous application.


This machinery also boasts a high reserve capacity in limited cases and in tasks of complex welding, ensuring that there is no negative damage during the fluctuations in the mains voltage.


industrial electrical panels processing


The quality of the processes which makes the difference


To obtain the best possible results, every phase of the manufacture of industrial electrical panels must join the human capabilities with excellent technological equipment.


This combination allows us to work on every single element which will go on to create the electrical panel, above all when the job is personalised to the request and needs of the customer.


Finally, when the right instrumental equipment looks to technology, this permits us to develop the work both in terms of productivity and efficiency, and also control.


Thanks to the possibility of collecting valuable data, we can verify the performance of the processes as a whole and this allows us, in turn, to be able to take the best strategic decisions to evolve the business in the present as well as the future.


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